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We help you solving the issue of disconnected and unrealistic Budgets and Plans

More Power To Planning and Decision Making with WD PlanninG

The common Problems of S&OP: solved

Often Budgets, Forecasts and Plans are not realistic as they do not balance Demand and Supply, limited by infinite capacity simplistic assumptions 

Commonly Tactical Decisions are made upon simplistic  assumptions based on product cost data, missing the impacts on profits of different capacity utilization profiles of our products.

We have integrated the Theory of Constraints and Throughput Economics principles into a powerful Planning, What-if Scenario & Business Simulation app to solve those major pain points 

We Simplified Decision Making

Would you like the ability to simulate the impact of important tactical and strategic decisions allowing you to rapidly evaluate different scenarios of Business Simulation?

Complete Simulation

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  • Make adjustments on Operating Expenses

  • Analyze OE vs Throughput velocity

  • Evaluate impact on your Net Profit 

  • Save your simulation scenario

  • Prepare if needed a second version

  • Prepare reports for management review

  • Quickly simulate live during the meeting. Maybe you want a new version

Align Capacity

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  • Finite capacity simulation

  • Simulate and Adjust Load

  • Update planning factors

  • Adjust / Change Capacity

  • Alternative routings / subcontracting

  • Simulate Inventory Levels

  • Check Throughput realized vs potential

  • Finalize Throughput Margin

Simulate Throughput

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  • Simulate Demand Volume and Mix at aggregate level and adjust details

  • Simulate different selling Price

  • Simulate price adjustments and impact on variable costs

  • Check your throughput Margin

  • Simulate new markets

  • And much more

Start Again

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A new tactical decisions needs to be verified

  • Does it involve changes in capacity profile?

  • Does it cause a penetration in protective capacity

With WD Planning it's easy to verify:

  • Load your current state

  • Start your simulation

  • Check the result and make your decision


We Simplified Planning & Budgeting

Would you make a real step beyond, improving your Budgeting & Planning  process by seamlessly integrating Demand & Supply for more realistic Plans? 

Easy Reporting

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  • WD Planning Reporting is built on Microsoft Power BI

  • You can take advantage of the powerful features MSFT Power BI makes available, like integration with excel files to make the experience of your user seamless and easy.

Build Your Plan

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  • Plan Demand at aggregate level

  • Make your adjustment at detailed combinations if you want

  • Plan absolute or percentage variations

  • Adjust capacity against the load or adjust the load

  • Plan your Operating expenses: you can plan at total year or by monthly period

Prepare your Scenario

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  • Budget, Revised Budget or Monthly Sales & Operations Plan

  • Upload your reference base Scenario 

  • Update your master data form your ERP: 

  • Create your new master data for the plan

  • Decide what prices to use for material evaluation and for revenues

Key Features

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  • Powerful features to simplify work

  • Enhanced planning functionalities to plan at aggregate level and to allocate below the hierarchies

  • Microsoft ETL to connect to your ERP data sources seamlessly

  • All the power of the Microsoft Cloud

  • Predefined backbone designed by TOC experts on Throughput Economics Principles​