We help our Clients improving their Operational and Financial Performance, mastering complexity through the perfect balance of Strategy, Tactics, Processes, Organisation and Technology.

Discover how to improve your performance by Shifting the Focus from Cost Reduction to Flow Improvement

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Mastering Flows is a necessary condition to Elevate Performance

Sustaining a good Financial Performance (Financial Flow) calls for excellence in Operational Flow. It seems easy but where to start from?

A coherent Information Flow, and a holistic Performance System aligned to the ultimate Goal, is a necessary condition to establish flow-oriented culture and sustain flow excellence in the organisation.

The above convergence makes it possible to enter also a state of Psychological Flow beneficial to the organisation, its employees and business partners.

Source: S. Balderstone & V. Mabin - "Analysis and Discussion of Successful TOC Applications"

It's not Luck

These are the ambitious targets that can be reached by applying the Scientific Management methods we master to improve Flow: Theory of Constraints, Lean, Six-Sigma, Factory Physics and Throughput Economics

35 - 70%

Average Compression

of Lead Times

30 - 50%

Average Reduction

in Inventory

50 - 70%

Average Increase

in Revenues

70 - 90%

Combined Financial


The Journey Towards Flow and High Performance 

It's a matter of harmony and coherence. 


Strategy determines The Goal we want to pursue, Tactics The Journey to get there, Processes, Organisation and Technology are The Vehicle we are using for.


To get Flow, everything must be aligned and tuned.

Don't Follow the Stream...

The Goal, the Journey and the Vehicle: learn how to align Strategy, Tactics, Process & Technology to create unity of purposes

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Create It

Successful Companies set Ambitious Targets to strive the Organisation out of the comfort zone, for reaching new heights and goals

Master It

The Competitive Environment is changing rapidly: Organisations cannot replicate the tactics that worked in the past but shall adapt them to master the new Complexity and Variability

Exploit It

In a VUCA* context, the Key Success Factors to stay profitable are Agility, Speed and Responsiveness. It is necessary to tune the Organisation, Processes and Technology in that direction

*Variability – Uncertainty – Complexity - Ambiguity

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Necessary....But Not Sufficient

To unleash the full potential of the Organisation, Tools and Technology are necessary conditionsAre they sufficient?

We believe that the change journey shall start first with Principles and Mental Models around Flow and System Thinking

Our Team of Experts will lead your leadership along the journey, making them independent in a short time in order to master future challenges and opportunities

Shifting Paradigms

To Create The Stream

By setting ourselves as a Benchmark for Continuous Improvement. A call to action toward More Ambitious Goals

Principles: Theory of Constraints (TOC), Lean, Six Sigma, ADKAR/PROSCI®, WeeonD, Systemic Thinking

A New Toolbox

To Master It

By focusing people and actions on the the System's Effectiveness, to reach Global Optima and exploit resources

Toolset: Strategy & Tactics Tree, TOC Thinking Processes, Lean-SixSigma, Factory Physics, TameFlow®, Critical Chain Project Management, T-SCOR3

Capitalize and Sustain

To Exploit It

Through a Change Journey to consolidate a new culture, tools and way of working at every level of the extended Organisation

Toolset: Process Mining, Dynamic Modeling,  Kaizen, Black Belt Project, Throughput Economics, Demand Driven Operations

WeeonD's Method

Enjoy Your Competitive Advantage

We have developed a journey to orchestrate established management methodologies like Theory of Constraints, Lean and 6 Sigma, with the acceleration offered by leading edge technologies to boost the results in a short time-frame 

Surf the Blue Ocean

With Us

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Our methods release value in a very short timeframe. Normally within the first three months it's possible to touch with hands tangible value released to the Organisation

We measure. We identify the opportunities. We simulate tactics and actions to achieve The Goal. We coach your team to get there. WeeonD.

We drive the change though 6 major steps, working to balance the system, creating a new way to measure its performance to change behaviors and to consolidate a new culture focused on flow.

We analyse current performance and improvement opportunities to create Harmony among Strategy, Tactics, Processes and Measures and align them to the Organisation's Goal

Harmony Is The 

We boost your supply chain by applying Flow Effective Business Operating Models 

Create Value Through Flow-Efficiency

Are you ready for the Red Pill

The Measurement Revolution

We apply revolutionary methods and tools for Measuring Business Performance through the lenses of Throughput Economics to capture opportunities that are not  evident to traditional methods.

Metrics influence Culture, Perspectives and Behaviours. Shifting them to the right measurement model is a critical first step to align decision making and behavioural patterns to the Goal.

New Mental Models

for Decision Making


Quick Win-Win

We identify Quick "Win-Win" opportunities for creating value and tangible results by the exploitation of valuable relationship with your business partners 

We will be your coach to guide your team to design and implement the changes, because the most powerful way to cause the change is to “be in the driving seat”.

... and You'll Be The
Captain In The Cockpit

What Sets WeeonD Apart

A Different Perspective, combined with a vast experience of business problems, a deep understanding of organizational complexities and business processes, gained in Over 25 Years of Experience in the field of each of our Partners, reinforced with the Latest Technologies available for process analysis and optimization

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High ROI in a very short time-frame


Value-stream oriented


On the levers generating value


Expertise in different sectors, from heavy industrial to services

A Different Perspective

Performance under a systemic Point of View


Motivating People towards the change