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Mastering Flows is a necessary condition to Elevate Performance

Sustaining a good Financial Performance (Financial Flow) calls for excellence in Operational Flow. It seems easy but where to start from?

A coherent Information Flow, and a holistic Performance System aligned to the ultimate Goal, is a necessary condition to establish flow-oriented culture and sustain flow excellence in the organisation.

The above convergence makes it possible to enter also a state of Psychological Flow beneficial to the organisation, its employees and business partners.

Source: S. Balderstone & V. Mabin - "Analysis and Discussion of Successful TOC Applications"

It's not Luck

These are the ambitious targets that can be reached by applying the Scientific Management methods we master to improve Flow: Theory of Constraints, Lean, Six-Sigma, Factory Physics and Throughput Economics

35 - 70%

Average Compression

of Lead Times

30 - 50%

Average Reduction

in Inventory

50 - 70%

Average Increase

in Revenues

70 - 90%

Combined Financial


The Journey Towards Flow and High Performance 

It's a matter of harmony and coherence. 


Strategy determines The Goal we want to pursue, Tactics The Journey to get there, Processes, Organisation and Technology are The Vehicle we are using for.


To get Flow, everything must be aligned and tuned.

Don't Follow the Stream...

The Goal, the Journey and the Vehicle: learn how to align Strategy, Tactics, Process & Technology to create unity of purposes

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