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Focus on the constraints - Five Focusing Steps


We improve Performance leveraging the weakest links

Accelera con la Teoria dei Vincoli

We rapidly identify the Core Problem


High Speed Transformation


Superior know how and digital solutions to lead you in the High Speed Transformation

Theory of Constraints Change Management


Innovative Management Models and best practices for Change Management

Crea valore con la Teoria dei Vincoli


We help you achieving high ROI and a rapid Pay-Back from your improvement projects

Traditional Data and Performance Measurement Systems are no longer able to capture the complexity and variability of the context in which companies operate, leading often to wrong decisions and relevant burden to prepare non-meaningful data.

With WD PlanninG, we introduce a holistic SaaS based on Throughput Economics principles, the most meaningful way to transform data into information, focusing Decision Making on the true value levers.


High Performance


Implementare la Teoria dei Vincoli

How to make a disruptive change in Five Steps

Start the Journey

  1. We focus on the weakest links: The Constraints

  2. We identify and understand your Unrealized Potential

  3. We apply TOC Solutions to maximize and elevate your overall system's productivity

  4. We transfer the Ability on the new capabilities 

  5. We Coach your team to reinforce the competencies and to enable a process of ongoing improvement (POOGI)

  1. TOC driven Solutions focusing on Flow for agile, faster and resilient Operations, through more actionable Manufacturing Planning & Control methods

  2. Improved Decision-Making with innovative methods supported by a cloud based digital app for quick deployment

  3. Solutions to align your Performance Management System to flow improvement imperatives

  4. Analytics and AI to quickly identify and exploit your constraints

  5. Marketing, Sales & Distribution solutions to Exploit the Market Demand

Theory of Constraints Solutions

We improve the Value Chain and the decision process to create value



High Performance



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Focus your resources on most valuable improvements with our Business and IT Diagnosis. We'll find your constraints and how to exploit them.

Decision & Performance Management

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A systemic way to measure performance and to improve decisions for a better use of available resources. 

Manufacturing & Flow Improvement

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Synchronize flow for high speed processes and operations to streamline working capital and improve customer service.

Accelerate your Projects

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Improve the reliability of your projects and the delivery rates in your knowledge intensive activities with Critical Chain and TameFlow.

Marketing, Sales & Distribution

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 Marketing, commercial and logistical solutions to elevate the Demand Constraint and sell more 

TOC Training Program 

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A complete Training Catalogue to discover the powerful solutions based on Theory of Constraints to learn how to elevate your global performance

TOC and Lean as umbrella of the different solutions to optimize business performance.

Digital Solutions developed with our Partners to release more value and faster



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Download "La Teoria dei Vincoli", the book by Dr. Ottaviano Costa, Founding Partner of WeeonD. 

A book that summarizes all the core tenets of TOC, introducing the reader to the key principles and methodologies developed by this innovative management theory focused on performance improvement.

Libro La Teoria dei Vincoli

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    Replay of our TOC webinar shots are available. Four "shots" to explain the basics of Theory of Constraints and how to apply it for crafting the Restart Strategy. Available from June 30 till end of July 2020
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    Strategy, methodology, planning approach, processes and organizational impacts, enabling technologies and opportunities to better manage the Restart after COVID19 lockdown. 2 episodes toto get an in-depth picture of how to manage and not undergoing changes



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