We live in the era of speed and complexity. Everything changes fast and quickly, and we feel the constant pressure to exceed our current performance, to constantly innovate our products and service, to be always ahead of our competition.

We need to increase our speed and dependability everywhere:

  • in the way we manage our flow - physical and cash

  • in the way we manage our projects

  • in the way we support our operations

  • in the way we make decisions

We believe that to stay ahead we are always in the need to have more and more data and information. While digital technologies on the one side can support us to a certain extent to increase speed and dependability in our processes, the advantage we can get are marginal if we do not solve our organizational and management constraints first. Technology is Necessary but not sufficient.

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We help leaders improving speed and performance of their organizations by implementing a systemic perspective of management and organization


Our Offerings

Theory of Constraints and Throughput Accounting - Tools for Value Creation

 Theory of Constraints (TOC)  provides powerful management tool to maximize the performance of an organization.

It provides management with the tools to solve complex problems affecting the competitiveness of organizations:

  • 5 focusing steps to identify, exploit, sustain and elevate your system’s constraints and to apply continuous improvement

  • A simple and powerful approach for scheduling and control the entire system flow called “Drum-Buffer-Rope”

  • A supporting measurement system – Throughput Accounting – to mitigate the limitations of traditional accounting-based measurement approaches that are an obstacle for the change

  • A powerful “Thinking Process” for problem solving and solution design to identify the Undesirable Effects within the organization  (What to Change?), to resolve conflicts and identify the solutions (What to change to?) and to stimulate the change (How to cause the change?)

  • Theory of Constraints can be coupled with Lean and SixSigma approaches to provide superior results. Its latest formulation - called TLS - combines the three.

Consulting and Coaching for your TOC Improvement Journey

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Digital Sales Marketing

Unleash Your Power With Digital

WeeonD help companies staying ahead of the competition leading the Digital Transformation with solutions and services to improve Sales & Marketing outcomes.

With Digital Sales and CPQ Technologies we will help you to enable customer centric processes, for improved sales, increased productivity and efficiency. 

Omni-Channel Strategy, Digital Sales, Configure-Price-Quote.

Supply Chain Operations

Capture The Maximum Value From Your Supply Chain

With end-to-end Supply Chain expertise, WeeonD is your consulting partner to align Supply Chain and Operations to your Business and Competitive strategy.

We support Supply Chain Transformation at every planning horizon – strategic, tactical, and operational – and across multiple domains.

Follow the link to discover more about our Supply Chain Planning and Operations Practices.

Finance - Controlling Compliance

Innovation and Compliance From a Different Angle

Discover a different approach to improve your Finance Operations and to transform Compliance into competitive advantage.

Whether your need is to comply with the regulation around "Crisi d'Impresa" or you want to transform your Controlling Department into a business partner to your Operations with Throughput Accounting, we will help you thinking from a different perspective, combining experts of Finance, Supply Chain Operations and Theory of Constraints

What Sets Us Apart


Our Approach

WeeonD engages only in initiatives that will deliver tangible value for our Customers

Our approach consist in performing a Business Diagnosis with you to identify the problems affecting your Business and Operations Strategy, Processes and Technology, to identify opportunities and actions to exploit or elevate your constraints to achieve the desired results and improvements.

WeeonD's Consultants will work closely with your team to define the project value, its business case and the drivers to measure its success.

We will assist you to define the appropriate project charter and the roadmap that fits the Customer's priorities and resources. We will partenr with your team managing the program to make the initiative a success.

In short we assist our Customer along all the Journey:

  • Inception: training and coaching to stimulate the change

  • Discover: identifying and understanding the problems;

  • Define: identifying the actions,  evaluating and chosing the right Technology and defining the project value and ROI;

  • Design: designing the solutions;

  • Implementmanaging the implementation;

  • Monitor: monitoring the results for continuous improvement

Our Team

Our Team counts expert Management Consultants with solid International background, proven track record and leadership, with the value of a complete 360° vision of Enterprise processes.

We master all functional domains from Marketing, Digital Sales, Supply Chain, Finance and Controlling, with the plus of robust Business Certifications like APICS and MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

We provides high-value Strategy and Management Consulting and Program Management services, while we leverage our Partner Network for technology implementation and System Integration services.

Our Partners

"The Best for the Group comes when everyone in the group does what's best for himself AND the group" 

—  John Nash —

We have established alliances with Consulting Firms to expand our geographical presence and with best-in-class Technology Providers that excel in their segment as award winners and/or as ranked in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

We offer Technology Solutions focused for the Servitization Journey and the Digital Transformation: Digital Sales CPQ, Aftermarket and Servitization CPQ, Servitization IoT, Process Mining, Machine Learning and much more.

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Open: several dates from June 30 to July 30
Open: several dates from June 30 to July 30
Replay of our TOC webinar shots are available. Four "shots" to explain the basics of Theory of Constraints and how to apply it for crafting the Restart Strategy. Available from June 30 till end of July 2020
Strategy, methodology, planning approach, processes and organizational impacts, enabling technologies and opportunities to better manage the Restart after COVID19 lockdown. 2 episodes toto get an in-depth picture of how to manage and not undergoing changes

Servitization Consulting - We Drive You Safely Along The Journey

WeeonD combines Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain and Finance expertise and technology to provide superior Aftermarket and Servitization Consulting services to help Customers running safely the Servitization Journey.

With our Servitization Consulting approach we will lead you from the initial stages of the Servitization Strategic Plan, to align Operations and Business Strategy, to the implementation of different possible approaches of Product-Service-Systems: Product-Oriented or Use/Result-Oriented business models.

We will work with you to verify and adjust your Business and Servitization Go-to-Market strategy to be sure it is coherent and complete. We will help you at:

  • complete your analysis around the 5Cs framework, for instance identifying and thinking about risks - like the service-paradox - and opportunities - like the service recovery paradox

  • review and adjust your STP Strategy: Segmentation, Targeting and Position

  • adjust your 4P's Strategy, with particular focus at aligning your pricing strategy to Total Economic Value Principles

Once the Servitization Business Strategy is well defined, WeeonD's Supply Chain Consultants will help you align your Operations Strategy to the Business objectives, assuring coherence to competitive priorities and to obtain the maximum value from your operations.

With our Partners we can offer and integrate each Servitization Technology to optimize your Servitization oriented processes: IoT for Servitization and Aftermarket; Configure-Price-Quote of fixed-fee and result-based service agreements; Big Data and Machine Learning Analytics.

Discover our Servitization Consulting services and enabling Technology.


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