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Discover our Theory of Constraints Training Program: for Entrepreneurs, C-levels and Operational Management

A Focused Learning Program

Why Investing in a TOC Learning Path

Usually, the real objective of improving the system as a whole is overlooked in Corporate change efforts. Very often the focus is set only on local improvements of single processes, causing little or no impact on the performance of the company as a whole. Since organisations are interconnected systems, they have the opportunity to improve the entire system's performance by acting on just few elements (management levers) dictating the overall global performance.

The Theory of Constraints (or 'TOC') is a management model that provides tools and solutions to reveal and implement focused changes to the system whose improvements are orders of magnitude greater than those achievable through conventional approaches.

The identification and exploitation of such levers makes it possible to build decisive competitive advantages, very often  without the need of major investments, thus maintaining financial and organisational stability. Once a decisive competitive advantage has been built, it's necessary to establish those mechanisms to capitalise on the competitive advantage and to implement those actions to ensure that the results achieved are sustained over time.

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Organizations are Systems

Systems are limited by constraints

Constraints as leverage points

Theory of Constraints


Exploit the constraints 

A Training Program For Every Need

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TOC Shots for Entrepreneurs

Duration: 4 hours in one or two sessions

Availability: virtual or on site

Classroom: 5 per class


Learning objectives

1) Understand the limits of common Management Paradigms

2) Understand What to Change & What to Change Into

3) Discuss about the Achievable Results

4) Get awareness of TOC Principles and Tools  

5) Learn how to craft robust and coherent Strategy & Tactics


We - as entrepreneurs - are generally accustomed to think that for squeezing the maximum performance out of our organization it's necessary to maximize the performance of each part (every product, every workcenter, every resource). Nothing more wrong.

This course is designed for Entrepreneurs and CEOs and aims at disclosing the real nature and the true levers to impact organisational performance, leveraging the principles and systemic approach of Theory of Constraints and Lean

Don't stop at the Top! 

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