A pragmatic Starter Kit

for your TOC Journey

Module 1 - Theory of Constraints Inception

​A course to discover TOC Theory of Constraints methods and advantages for management with theory and practical use cases.

This course is oriented to Entrepreneurs and to Management Teams: CFOs, COOs, VP of Sales, VP of Supply Chain and Controllers. 

The training schedule is organized into three half-days sessions: 

  • Day 1 - Fundamentals and TOC succcess stories

  • Day 2 - Focus on TOC toolset to improve flow, operational and economic performance

  • Day 3 - Throughput Accounting. Management accounting for controlling purposes that simplifies controlling while improving results. Comparison with full costing techniques. Implications and advantages


  • Webinar or classroom option available (classroom can be on-site or remote conference)

  • From 4 to 6 Hours per session

  • Pricing: fixed package per classroom or webinar

Module 2 - Discover

​This module aims at discovering the value that could be released by applying Theory of Constraints principles within the organizations by improving lead-times, flow, inventory levels, pricing and mix strategy, throughput and cash flow.


This module is organized as follow:

  • Refresh & Deep-dive TOC Methodology to core Team

  • Data Driven As-Is Assesment

  • Issues Analysis Driven with TOC Methodology Workshop

  • Collect Data for the Business Case

  • Delliverables

    • Assessment report

    • Implementaion Plan (Project charter)


  • Module is available both on site or through remote conference

  • Pricing: fixed package.

Module 3 - Define - Implement - Monitor

  • Define the Business Case

  • Implementation Statement Of Work

  • Program Management and implementation support

  • Monthly follow up and review of performance for 6 to 12 months after go live


  • Pricing based on SOW

Take a great opportunity for your organization

It is our ambition to encourage as many organizations to embrace TOC principles as we believe they embody the most effective model of governance for growth.

With such an ambitious goal in mind, we have decided to offer this course at an extremely competitive price to make it accessible to Small and Medium Enterprises.

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  • For Module 1 we will submit a quote both for virtual webinar and for classroom (on site or remote) to chose from.

  • Quote for Module 3 is dubordinated to the definition of Business Case and SOW

Our STARTER KIT for Theory Of Constraints 


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Module 1 - Inception - Agenda


  • How TOC offers superior opportunities over traditional and other management theories

  • TLS - How TOC focuses Lean and Six-Sigma's efforts to add more value 

  • TOC Success Stories 

  • Principles of Theory of Constraints

  • The importance of flow

  • Managing the flow

  • Constraints and bottlenecks

  • Cultural constraints to be eliminated

  • Exercises and use cases

Indicatively 4 hours


  • Introduction to TOC Toolset

  • TOC's Thinking Processes for Strategic Planning and Problem Solving

  • The 5 Focusing Steps to identify and maximize productivity at constraints

  • How to Manage Capacity dealing with constraints

  • TOC operations planning and scheduling strategies: DBR and S-DBR

  • Scheduling techniques comparison: DBR - MRP - Kanban System 

  • TOC Critical Chain for Project Management in ETO environments

  • Introduction to Throughput Accounting

  • Exercises and use cases

I​ndicatively 4 hours


  • Implication of traditional Accounting on Flow Optimization

  • Throughput Accounting Principles

  • Profitability analysis with Throughput Accounting

  • Cost flows

  • Comparison between Throughput Accounting and Full Costing

  • Throughput Accounting for pricing and mix decisions

  • Throughput Accounting and Inventory

  • Throughput Accounting and Cash Flow

  • Simulation of management decisions based on TOC and Throughput Accounting

  • Exercises and use cases

  • Final course assessment


Scope of Module 2 - Discover

Refresh and Deep Dive on TOC Approach

  • Objective: prepare the project team

  • Scope: refresh of training module 1

  • Deep dive on key topics relevant for project

As-Is Assessment 

  • Compay key analysis: operating model, macro-financials, operations footprint, etc

  • Organization structure

  • Key processess
  • IT Applicative landscape

  • Operating data

    • Sales data by Product families / Channels, etc.

    • Supply Chain Performance 

    • Inventory data and performance

    • Inventory policies and ordering system

    • Service & Aftermarket performance

    • Management reporting

  • TOC current state thinking process workshop with funcional head (Current Reality Tree)

Define the Implementation Plan (Project Charter)

  • Set objectives

  • Data collection for detailed business case

  • Project Master Plan

  • Project organization



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