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70 to 80 percent of Financial Performance is defined by Strategic and Tactical Decisions

Make an Impact on Core Processes to Elevate Performance

A Digital Twin To Take Control Of Your Performance

The biggest portion - from 70 to 80% - of Financial Performance is defined when we set the levels of our capacity,  we decide how to utilize it and when we chose how to capture the market demand.

When our core processes are hit by variability, the equation "tomorrow will probably be as yesterday" is a broken assumptions. 

If we aim to elevate performance we shall establish an agile planning phase, capable to overcome traditional planning approaches: too much time consuming and usually not capable of capturing the true impact of reality on our Constraints.

A Digital Twin of Your Process to Test And Validate Your Decisions

A Digital Twin to Test Strategic and Tactical Decisions 

Good decisions need considering a multitude of variables in a very short time. A dilemma for decision makers. To improve the process we have two powerful tools:

  1. Theory of Constraints, teaching us to focus management attention on constraints and providing us with the managerial algorithm to exploit them

  2. Technology, that through a Digital Twin of our Process provides us with the capability to test the effects of our decisions on the constraints, verifying if they will move and understanding how well we are protecting and exploiting them

With our experience in Theory of Constraints and several implementations of Dynamic Process Modeling solutions we help our customers making a step beyond in the elevation of their performance.

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We help you mapping resources, processes, alternative routings with their key parameters to create the Digital Twin of your operations. 

Map Your Process in 
Your Digital Twin


We give you the capability to test and simulate demand scenarios reflecting different market and pricing strategies and decisions

Test Demand

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We help you determining and measuring the common causes of variability to add them to the model with  statistical distributions

Don't Forget

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Verify the results of your simulation and what happens to your constraints. Make the decisions to exploit them and enjoy your Throughput

Exploit The Constraints
& Enjoy Throughput

We Have The Tools You Need To Improve Decisions

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WD PlanninG is the solution developed by our technology center on the Microsoft Platform leveraging our know-how to improve the S&OP process: from volumes to Throughput and full P&L, assessing capacity constraints and simulating actions to exploit them

Simulate Your S&OP to
Exploit the Constraints

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Simulate how you will perform against the demand with a digital twin of your process: it will inform you about the feasibility of the plan, the level of throughput and how well the constraints are exploited. Your fine schedule is served

From MPS to Fine Scheduling Accelerated with the Digital Twin

From S&OP to MPS and fine Scheduling: all connected to simulate your Throughput 

We Help Our Clients Implementing the Tools to Improve Flow and Financials

WD PlanninG is our S&OP simulation tool allowing your S&OP team to reiterate quick simulations of different scenarios

  1. Capture the demand Plan at family level, fine tune it and then explode it to end items to feed the MPS

  2. Manage the capacity plan and how to activate it simulating the effects of additional shifts, overtime, alternative routings, etc

  3. Find and exploit the constraints it with the right mix and pricing decisions

Once the S&OP is approved, it's time to run the MPS, the material plan and then the fine scheduling. MRP is not able to optimize our constraints, ending up often in bad surprises.  For that, we will help you developing a Digital Twin of the process that will inform you in advance how well the capacity is being exploited, simulating different MPSs to evaluate their Throughput contribution, before committing the plan.

We have learned that to improve flow and financials we need to change our mindset first

We have also learned that to master complexity and to improve speed in decision making process, technology is also necessary.

Now we just need to combine them, and for that reason we have developed the solutions to help decision makers evaluating the effect of their decisions in different processes:

  1. For strategic decisions, like penetrating new markets or introducing new products or a mixed strategy

  2. During the Sales & Operations Planning, when we have to make decisions about demand, how to capture it and how to activate the productive capacity

  3. Up to the next level, when we have to test the feasibility and optimization of the Master Scheduling (MPS), leveraging the Digital Twin of your process

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