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Only when we capture 100% of the demand we can say Market is a Constraint

Elevate the Demand Constraint with TOC

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Manufacturing Product Cost, is a widely used measure for marketing decisions, to identify the ideal mix and - with cost plus logic - to set target margins.

Product costing is like The Matrix disguising the reality in front of Neo's eyes.
"Are you ready for the red pill?"

TOC Sales & Marketing Solutions

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  • Our product mix is delivering low margins

  • Despite sales are growing, the bottom line shows only marginal increases

  • We are not able to capture more demand

  • Our products are only slightly differentiated from competition and it is not possible to be recognized a premium price

  • Despite our products are better than competition we are not able to sell them at premium price




  1. We will help increasing profits by adopting more effective pricing model based on Theory of Constraints; 

  2. We will coach you to create new competitive pricing strategies and market offerings and how to evaluate new mix scenarios

  3. We will help you identifying those internal commercial policies that are setting artificial barriers constraining the real market potential

  4. We boost your processes with Best of Breed Digital Sales Solutions 

Value Proposition


  • Theory of Constraints driven pricing analytics and strategies

  • WD PlanninG to enable What-if simulation of Volume, pricing and discounts variations

  • TOC problem solving tools to design new competitive offerings


Increase Availability


To Boost Sales


  • Low margins at POS

  • High inventories on slow movers, while frequent stock-outs for best sellers

  • High volume of end of season products to be discounted or routed to lower price channels

  • Frequent transfer of stock between POS is increasing overall logistic channel costs

  • High level of safety kept at POS is causing overall high investment in inventory  in the channel

  • Introduction of new products is complex due to high level of inventory on the items to be replaced



We help you increasing productivity and profitability of your POS by leveraging the Pull Distribution concepts of TOC to improve Availability to minimize lost sales while at the same times reducing inventory levels and increasing turns and with lower logistic costs

Improve Availability to Sell More with TOC Pull Distribution



With Theory of Constraints Pull distribution model, we help you distributing the right quantities, at the right place and at the right time by:

  • Enabling frequent replenishments from central/regional warehouses

  • Reducing dependency on forecasts

  • Applying dynamic buffer management to adjust stock buffers

  • Minimizing safety by pooling them at central warehouses

The goal is to minimize lost sales while reducing overall inventory levels and logistic costs and increasing profitability

Value Proposition


  • TOC Best practices for Pull distribution (Make to Availability and Replenish to Consumption) based on a mix of time and stock buffers

  • TOC Distribution Software to enable the ordering and replenishment system and dynamic buffering 

  • Several succesfull implementations in retail as a reference (Fashion, Retail, FMCG)



Sell More

& Faster


  • Win rate is low despite efforts and Sales Operations cost

  • The process of converting RFQs into orders is long and time consuming

  • Too many RFQs in pipeline to concentrate on is causing poor quality quotes

  • Unavailability of Sales Engineers creates disruptions and increasing queue of work



To maximize Throughput, we must start with the ability to transform more Leads into orders.

We extend the synchronized flow principles from Manufacturing to Sales Operations adopting TOC algorithms and CPQ Solutions

High Speed




We help you improving the order conversion process with Digital Sales Solutions.

  • Shorter Configure-Price-Quote lead times for higher responsiveness

  • Higher quality of Quotes, reducing rework and improving customer journey

  • Simplified approval process

  • Effective scheduling of sales teams
  • Higher quality pipeline, based on throughput effectiveness

Value Proposition


  • TOC effective business metrics for Deal Profitability analysis

  • WD PlanninG to simulate impacts of volume, pricing, and discount variations

  • Best of Breed CPQ tools to improve the process


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