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Are you capturing 100% of the potential demand to say that Market is a Constraint?

Elevate the Demand Constraint with TOC

Are You Ready for the Red Pill?


Your product mix is delivering low margins? Despite sales are growing, the bottom line shows only marginal increases? Your sales team struggles to to capture more demand? Products can only be slightly differentiated and you don't find a way to be recognized a premium price?

These are common questions that Marketing and Sales team often struggle to find a concrete answer. 

A decisive competitive edge can be achieved not only through expensive investments to update our products or through massive marketing investments.

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How to elevate performance and achieve more sales?

TOC for Marketing & Sales

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer for a while: what may be the Undesirable Effects of your customer when dealing with you? For example: would you be happy of the service level you provide? Is there something, maybe just a commercial policy, that you feel can be a blockage to buy more?​

Remember the famous "unrefusable offer" by Don Vito Corleone (the GodFather): you have to build your "Mafia Offer", an offer that is so attractive and makes it so easy for your customer to accept it because he simply cannot find out a better solution to his needs.

Of course, try it without putting a hacked off horse's head in your client's bed...

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Often the barriers to selling more are hidden in your business policies, which may have made perfect sense when they were defined, but which no longer fit the current context. 

Assess your commercial policies


Setting a strategy requires to think differently. The Thinking Processes of Theory of Constraints are the most powerful tools you can leverage to make a quantum leap

The right tools at hand


Companies that embrace TOC and Throughput Economics are in a position to leverage better performance and differentiating commercial policies without increasing complexity.

Leverage your superior performance

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Cost accounting creates barriers and wrong information to set competitive pricing. Differentiate yourself by applying the right performance system to reveal new opportunities

Differentiate your pricing strategy