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"Information is in the eyes of the beholder" (E. Goldratt)

We Help You Making Valuable Decisions

Unleash the Power


Of Information


We transform the rules of decision-making to be more effective toward The Goal of making more money now and in the future, for a sustainable growth

Business Planning & Decision Making


  • Relevant gaps between actual results and expectations

  • Too many data but not information

  • Much effort to produce data that do not convert into information and value

  • Decision process is fragmented




  • We implement the algorithm  to transform data into information for better decisions

  • We reduce the cost of the process, focusing on the information of higher value

  • We transform the process from static-figure based into a dynamic simulation environment

Value Proposition


  • TOC framework for Decision Making

  • TOC Financial and Profitability Analysis Framework



  • WD PlanninG, our cloud software to improve decision making through what-if simulation capabilities  based on TOC principles


Focus Behaviors

Towards The Goal


  • Divergent behaviors not consistent with the common goal of maximizing profits

  • Trade-off objectives and functional misalignment

  • Unclear responsibilities on the performance measures

  • Blaming and low collaboration culture in the company

  • Many reports produced with poor impact on behavior

  • Low morale and little involvement



"Tell me how you measure me and I will tell you how I will behave. Don't complain of irrational behavior if you measure me irrationally " (E.Goldratt)

We help you designing a coherent performance measurement system  to steer the behavior of your organization toward The Goal

TOC Performance Management

We redesign performance management with The  Goal in mind:

  • Aligning behaviors toward the ultimate Goal of the organization

  • Focusing attention on real value metrics

  • Removing conflicts between  functions and objectives

  • Improving morale, involvement and awareness

  • Creating a straight-forward decision making environment



Value Proposition


  • TOC Performance Measurement Principles to link local actions to global performance

  • APICS SCOR-P reference framework for Supply Chain



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