The PM methodologies based on Theory of Constraints for high performance Project Environments.

Critical Chain & TameFlow®

The Core Problem in Project Environments


About 50% of projects don't meet their goals according to a recent survey of PMI "Pulse of the Profession 2019"



The Gap

Traditional PM methodologies lacks of reliability as they do not Manage the Constraints and do not capture the Flow Efficiency

What to Change into

Critical Chain and TameFlow® bring into picture the importance of the Constraints and of Flow Efficiency in project environments . 


More reliability

Shorter lead times

Budget Attainment

What is the constraint of a project? It is its longest chain (sequence) of interdependent tasks considering the availability of resources to execute those tasks. It is the Critical Chain.

The Critical Chain differs from the "Critical Path" used in common Waterfall and Pert as the former considers the resources availability.

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), the methodology developed by Theory of Constraints, brings into picture significant improvements to increase Projects due date Performance close to 100%: embracing the Five Focusing Steps, it better protects projects from variability and execution from unfocused behavior, resulting in higher due dates reliability.

While CCPM is perfect for complex ETO, TameFlow®, combining Agile with Drum-Buffer-Rope and Critical Chain principles is perfect in knowledge intensive work environments

How to Achieve High Performance Projects

We help organizations achieve High Performance in project management

Whether Critical Chain or TameFlow®, we will  innovate the way project portfolio is prioritized, how work is planned and scheduled, how control the execution and how to measure the project's  performance.

In order to drive our clients into a quick and smooth implementation of Critical Chain and TameFlow®, we have established a strategic partnership with A-Dato as premier implementation partner in Italy and Switzerland of A-Dato Lynx and A-Dato TameFlow

Contact us to discover the principles and benefits of Critical Chain and TameFlow® and to schedule with us a product Demo of A-Dato PM solutions.

Get ready for high performance in project execution.

Shorter Lead Times

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CCPM by protecting the entire project instead of the single tasks allow to compress the project duration while at the same time protecting better the project from variability and Murphy


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Several small, medium and large companies with CCPM and TameFlow® have moved from low reliability on project costs and timeline to an almost 100% due date performance on commitments.

For any project

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Critical Chain can be adopted for any kind of project: IT projects, Product Design, Complex ETO products. TameFlow® is specifically designed for Knowledge Intensive Environments.

For any Industry

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Aerospace, Construction, Ship Building, IT & Software development: everywhere applied, Critical Chain and TameFlow have achieved superior performance

Our Partners


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A Human Centered approach for reaching superior performance. It is focused on reaching alignment in Operational, Financial, Information and Psychological Flow to create Unity of Purpose and a  Community of Trust.

Operationally, it combines Agile with Theory of Constraints principles to plan and execute workflow. 

Plan, start, focus and finish your more  projects in less time with LYNX by A-dato.

Project tools that cover the entire project and portfolio management landscape for small teams up to very large project organizations. 

LYNX brings together the concepts of Theory of Constraints, Agile, Kanban, Scrum and TameFlow® into the most complete and unique Project Management application.


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