"How to realize disruptive improvements Rapidly and with immediate Pay-back?"

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Focusing on Flow To Create Value


We will help you focusing resources on disruptive improvements to release high value in a very short time




  • Several signals indicating issues but the core problem is not clearly identified

  • Disconnected improvement initiatives on the table without clear evaluation of benefits and priorities

  • Not many resources to spend on costly improvements / risk of failure is high

  • Disrupted flow of processes




  • We help you focusing on flow to create value

  • We identify the core problem and the most valuable improvements

  • We help you prioritizing initiatives defining the business case

  • We provide our recommendations

Value Proposition



  • Analytics and diagnostic tools to investigate the symptoms 

  • TOC tools for a profound effect-cause-effect analysis, with valuable and rapid outcome

  • WD PlanninG what-if solution to simulate impacts on the business case


  • IT department is overloaded and slow to deliver the solutions your business needs

  • To produce information for effective business decisions, you're extracting data from several sources and building "own personal" models on tools like Excel

  • The timeliness of process evolution is affected by long lead times to adapt IT architecture and applications

  • Internal Customer Satisfaction is low



We help you diagnosing the bottlenecks, inconsistencies and constraints in your IT department, architecture and business solutions and scaling it to support TOC enabled fast pace processes

IT Architecture




  • We help you identifying bottlenecks, inconsistencies and constraints in your IT processes,  architecture and business solutions

  • We analyze the Gap in your IT Architecture to implement TOC management

  • We assist you in designing the IT roadmap to evolve your systems to support TOC-enabled processes and performance

  • We team with you in managing agile projects to implement  TOC solutions into your IT architecture on time and on budget

Value Proposition



We help you identifying the software packages that fits your TOC implementation needs, choosing from a complete panel of solutions covering every aspects of a TOC implementation

  • Decision making and What if simulation

  • Budgeting

  • S&OP process

  • CPQ Processes

  • S-DBR Production Planning

  • TOC Pull Distribution

  • TOC Critical Chain Project Management 

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