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Two focused Consulting Practices to improve Supply Chain and Operations for our Customers

APICS Certified Consultants to Transform your Supply Chain & Operations

Supply Chain is at the heart of a Company's operations: it impacts all processes in the Value Chain: from Demand Planning through the Sales and Operations Planning, to Production Planning and Execution through Manufacturing Planning and Control processes. It drives planning and execution of Purchasing through Material Management processes, and controls Distribution, Warehousing, Logistics and Transportation management.

WeeonD Supply Chain Operations

Weeond Supply Chain Planning Practice

We help your organization forecast sales, balance supply and demand, improve product availability and order fill rates, increase cross-functional alignment and operational efficiency, increase your return on invested capital, and drive top line revenue growth while expanding margins.

Our experts will work closely with you to identify key opportunities, develop roadmaps for planning transformation, employ market-leading analytics techniques and data visualization, and improve your planning processes and technology solutions to help you maximize the value you deliver.


Among many others, we frequently help companies answer the following commonly asked questions:

  • How should I segment my portfolio and forecast demand for each?

  • Where should I position my inventory?

  • How much stock  should i carry to meet the desired service level?

  • How do I maximize the return to the enterprise on my inventory investment?

  • Which planning technology best fits my business requirements? How should I configure, deploy and use it?

  • What can I improve in my planning process and methodology?


WeeonD Demand Planning

We help you understand the characteristics and drivers of your demand, enhance your forecasting processes, select and optimize the enabling technology, and leverage leading analytical approaches in order to help you improve your forecast accuracy, raise your service levels, manage your portfolio, and maximize your return on planning effort.

Demand Planning Review and Roadmap

Evaluate your demand planning organization, systems and processes for best-in-class performance. We combine Inventory, Supply and cross-functional (S&OP) scope to create an end-to-end Integrated Planning opportunity.

Demand Planning Benchmarking and Dashboards

Measure, monitor, manage and benchmark your demand planning performance, and drive consensus through your organization using advanced data visualization. Classify and segment different areas of demand behavior. Reduce the impact of volatility on your business.

Cost-to-Serve and Portfolio Profitability Analytics

Assign and account for the true cost of serving your customers. Expose hidden costs, uncover profit opportunities, and evaluate the profitability of each product, customer, and supplier in your portfolio.

Demand Planning Design and Implementation:

Redesign and/or improve your demand planning processes, with implementation support from our expert practitioners.

WeeonD Inventory Planning

Let professionals consulting you how to set inventory targets, raise fill rates and on-time in-full (OTIF) performance, and optimally position inventories throughout your supply chain network for minimum total cost to serve and highest ROIC.

Inventory Optimization

Optimize your inventory and service level through the use of industry-leading multi-echelon stochastic inventory modeling and prescriptive analytics. Factor in demand and order behavior, volatility, lead times, replenishment minimums, and more to determine the optimal amount of inventory to meet desired service level. Quantify opportunity and business case for reducing lost sales, accelerating revenue, expanding margin, maximize your ROIC.

Service Level Strategy 

Determine the  mix of service levels to set across different portions of your portfolio to maximize the return on your working capital. Optimize inventory levels and  service targets at the same time, creating ad hoc strategies for setting higher service where the business benefits the most, while reducing inventory in areas which contribute negatively to the bottom line.

Inventory Deployment

Determine where to stock each item, evaluate alternative deployment and fulfillment strategies from a total network, logistics, and cost to serve perspective, factoring in transportation, distribution and inventory dynamics in a single holistic approach. Model and evaluate slow-mover stocking consolidation, postponement and delayed differentiation, hub and spoke fulfillment, and other advanced stocking strategies.


WeeonD Supply Planning

We help you achieve your inventory, product availability and service targets through optimized replenishment, fulfillment, allocation and/or advanced production planning and scheduling. Ensure that the right product is at the right place, at the right time by implementing best practices, employing leading technologies, managing lead times, meeting minimums, and mitigate the supply volatility and portfolio complexity which somehow seems to grow each year.

Supply Planning Review, Assessment and Roadmap

Evaluate your replenishment, fulfillment, allocation and/or advanced planning (APS) systems and processes for best-in-class performance. Identify gaps, charter improvement initiatives, and develop a roadmap for supply planning improvement. We combine Demand, Inventory, and cross-functional (S&OP) scope to create an end-to-end Integrated Planning opportunity assessment and roadmap.

Supply Planning Process Design and Implementation

Redesign and improve your replenishment, fulfillment, allocation and/or advanced planning (APS) approach, with implementation support from our expert practitioners.


Weeond Supply Chain Operations Practice

We are  highly skilled at consulting and evaluating logistics and manufacturing operations to develop practical solutions for complex problems. Detailed solutions lead to both cost savings as well as improved customer service and vendor relationships, setting a foundation for growth.

Supported by the highest standard provided by APICS certification, our practitioners provide fact-based analysis and pragmatic delivery of a leaner and more flexible operation to minimize waste and risks across your supply chain. 

Driven by TOC - Theory of Constraints Principles we will help you smoothing the operations flow, achieving higher Supply Chain Performance.


The team routinely develops solutions for the challenging questions facing our clients, including:

  • How well does our facility support distribution or manufacturing? Can we improve our productivity and capacity?

  • Is our 3PL performing as expected? Should we insource vs. outsource our operations? How do we ensure selection of the right 3PL partner?

  • How to improve our post-sale support customer satisfaction?

  • How to optimize Order-to-Cash processes, improve customer relationships, service levels, and costs while reducing chargebacks and penalties?

  • How to streamline Procure-to-Pay processes to reduce working capital?

WeeonD Operations Diagnostic & Design

WeeonD Operations Diagnostic and Design service determines the optimal warehouse/distribution center layout, optimizes processes to increase efficiency, capacity and operational performance and identifies opportunities to reduce the cost to serve your customers.

We evaluate areas to improve material operations – such as racking layouts, conveyor systems, and material handling equipment. Enhanced processes and layouts can significantly improve material handling time, labor efficiencies, and inventory space allocation. 

Weeond Operations Diagnostic and Design consulting services can maximize the value of your warehousing operations by effectively answering these questions:

  • How well does our current facility, layout, technology, equipment, or process support manufacturing or distribution?

  • Can we improve productivity and capacity? Is automation right for our operation and if so, what level of automation? When will we see a return on the investment?

Our solution includes:

  • Space and Capacity Planning

  • Inventory Profiling and Slotting

  • Material Handling Design / Selection

  • Conceptual (Block) and Detail Warehouse/DC Design

  • Enabling Technology Evaluation and Selection

  • Automation Feasibility Assessments


WeeonD 3PL Advisory

WeeonD 3PL Advisory services help to determine if the distribution operations should be outsourced, how to select the right partner and ensure that the 3PL partner is performing in accordance contractual SLA, with a goal of maximizing service and minimizing cost.

We help you answer these frequently asked questions:

  • Should we insource vs outsource our operations?

  • Is our 3PL performing as expected? How are the performance gaps impacting our operations cost and service levels? What corrective action is necessary?

  • Are our contracts fair and market priced or are we paying too much? Are we tracking performance with the right Key Performance Indicators or Service Levels?

  • How do we identify the right 3PL partner for our business?

  • How do we transition to a new 3PL partner without adversely impacting our customer service levels?

Our solutions include:

  • Insource / Outsource Assessment

  • 3PL Sourcing and Selection

  • 3PL Audits

  • 3PL Implementation / Transition


WeeonD Supply Chain Technology

Weeond Technology Selection & Implementation Consulting Services helps you to choose and implement the right technology to support your company’s day-to-day operations.

Our experience and expertise helps to answer the following questions:

  • Which SCM technology is right for our business? How do we select the right vendor?  When will we see a return on our investment?

  • How can we ensure it is implemented correctly?

SCM Technology Requirements Development

Determine and document the needs of your business and formulate requirements for selection and use of optimization technology.

SCM Technology Selection Support:

Get the experts on your side before and during engagement with providers to select a new SCM technology. Create RFPs, use cases and demo scripts, scoring criteria, and facilitate workshops and the overall selection project.

SCM Technology Implementation and Transformation:

Implement or re-configure your SCM optimization technology, from process design, to change management and PMO, to user acceptance testing and end-user training. Translate requirements into configuration specifications, create optimized solution architecture, implement functional and technical designs, test, tune, and go-live.



Weeond Order-to-Cash Consulting Services helps organizations streamline order processing to redirect resources where they are best served to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and retention. We help companies improve their OTC processes by answering the following questions:

  • How to improve order processing and accuracy?

  • How to streamline customer service operations without negatively impacting our customers?

  • How to reduce errors in pick, pack and shipping services?

  • How to improve our DSO and Cash Conversion Cycle time?

  • How to improve customer satisfaction and retention?

  • How to reduce the overall cost-to-serve our customers?

  • What enabling technology can lead to improved processes?

Our service helps to streamline all activities in the OTC cycle – including order receipt, order management and fulfillment, invoicing, accounts receivable and deductions management. Additional focus areas include deduction management / reduction, customer retention, and customer service improvement.

Our solutions include:

  • Order-to-Cash Diagnostic Review

  • End-to-end Process Improvement

  • Deductions Management

  • Enabling Technology Assessment / Selection

  • Customer Segmentation


WeeonD Procure-to-Pay

Weeond Procure-to-Pay Consulting Services is designed to identify solutions that provide organizations with improved control and visibility over the entire lifecycle of a transaction – from the way an item is ordered to the way that the final invoice is processed – providing full insight into cash-flow and financial commitments.

We help organizations determine which areas of their procurement process can be refined and to overcome the following challenges:

  • How can we streamline processes to reduce working capital?

  • What technology can enable improved processes?

Activities included in our typical procure-to-pay assessments include: supply management, cart or requisition, purchase order, receiving, invoice reconciliation and accounts payable.

Our solutions include:

  • End-to-End P2P Process Improvement

  • Policy Development / Modification

  • Enabling Technology Assessment / Identification

  • Supplier Segmentation



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