The IoT software solution

designed for Servitization

SERVITLY's mission is to solve common problem manufacturers are experiencing in their IoT Projects:

  • Current industrial IoT platforms and technology are too generic

  • Lack of experience and struggle to give complete requirements

  • Reinventing the wheel syndrome

  • Unpredictable costs

  • Low speed

  • Lack of skills

The consequences are long prototyping sessions, trial and error projects, lack of guidance, a lot of custom software development, high costs.

SERVITLY solves the problem offering a ready-made enterprise SaaS addressing specific needs of manufacturers embracing Servitization to boost your Journey.

WeeonD and Servitly. Consulting and IoT software to onboard you quickly along your servitization Journey

IoT Technology to boost your Servitization Journey

Servitization IoT modules

Designed for Servitization

A complete set of pre-built modules that can be easily configured and tuned accordingly to the customer requirements.

  • Map your triggers

  • Create your own measures

  • Create your specific alerts

  • Configure your products

  • Configure your Services

  • And much more

Food Equipment

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