Consulting and Digital for Aftermarket and Servitization

- The Ideal Co-Pilot For Your Transformation Journey -

Why go to Service?

While competitors can copy your pricing strategy, or products, it's harder for competitors to copy your service model.

Companies that are successful with Product-Service-System differentiation through Servitization and better Aftermarket Customer Service can enjoy a more sustainable competitive advantage. 

What risks?

Competition on Services, both Product-Service-System or Aftermarket services is complex.

A customer can more easily perceive the value of a tangible product than the intangible facets of a service. Attention must be paid to the rising costs and how they are to be absorbed in pricing. You need to master the techniques of Total Economic Value for pricing.

Caution must be applied crafting the Servitization Strategy

Which Opportunities?

The availability of data from connected products makes it easier to identify and deliver new Aftermarket Services based on the value of the information.

The digital technologies used for Servitization also make it possible to make processes more efficient and thus increase the value that can be shared with the customer.

Machine learning helps analyzing a greater amount of data to discover demand trends and customer behaviors not immediately visible 


Strategic Assessment

- Discover and Define - 

It is inevitable: sooner or later, leaders or laggards, manufacturers are forced to rethink their strategy moving towards Servitization business models, enabled by Digitization of processes and the availability of an amount of data offered by Digital and IoT Technologies.  

But servitization is not just only connect the products, capture data and provide predictive maintenance services. 

Servitization has many facets, passing through "Product-oriented Product-Service-System", to more sophisticated "Use or Result-oriented Product-Service-System", where the product is an asset in the hand of the manufacturer to deliver services and performance to the customer.

Each strategy implies different competitive approaches, different levels of risks, different level of service-oriented capabilities and process technologies.

With our diagnostic and consulting services we help you assess your Servitization and Aftermarket Strategy, Operations and Technology readiness, while through a discovery and define stage we help you planning the roadmap for your Servitization Journey.

We help you assembling the Big Picture of the Servitization Strategy

Crafting the Servitization Strategy 


Business Strategy

We help you define your Aftermarket and Servitization Business Strategy driving and consulting you along the 5Cs framework: Context, Customers, Competitors, Collaborators and Company

We will support you Crafting the Business Case

Go-to-Market Strategy

We help you at Segmenting and Targeting, defining the Product-Service-System.

Pricing Strategy, Placement and Promotion to help you define the Total Economic Value you will deliver to your customers

Operations Strategy

We help you define the changes you need to align your Operations to the new competitive priorities. Chose and define roadmap to align your process technology and to shape capacity and capability to operate effectively and efficiently.


WeeonD - Enabling Digital Technology

The most complete set of Process Technology for Aftermarket and Servitization

Servitization IoT

With Servitly we offer an easy to onboard IoT software designed with specific use cases for Aftermarket and Servitization.

Customer Portal to manage installed base, monitor performances and interact with field service

Field-service portal to monitor all machines, run remote diagnosis and fixes, manage the service help-desk.

OEM portal for the Manufacturer to set the operating model and gets full visibility around machines and service performances.

Aftermarket and Servitization CPQ

With BlueprintAMS we offer the first Configure-Price-Quote solution designed for Aftermarket and Servitization.

Proactive sales of parts to create push service order of kits and services. More independence from Aftermarket Dealer's forecast and more proactive behavior.

Configurable service contracts allow to price and quote fixed-fee and outcome-based Service Agreements, managing risks safely

Solution can create stand-alone quotes or can be integrated with Servitly

Big Data and AI Analytics 

We have several partners specialized in Big Data and Machine Learning analytics.

With Machine Learning it is possible to analyze the data coming from IoT and integrating them with the data coming from Workshops and other department to create insightful views for actionable decision making processes.

Predictive analytics to determine mean time to failure and to forecast predictive maintenance costs can be integrated with BlueprintAMS to update the risk and cost parameter factors.

Implementing Servitization

A safe approach to implement your new Aftermarket and Servitization Strategy, Operations and Technologies


We help you identify the segment for running the initial Pilot Project to implement you strategy and build the process and technology capabilities on a safe and manageable scale to develop the learning curve for the future scaling


We help you scale from the pilot stage.

We will provide consulting and advisory for tuning the strategy and the capabilities for a greater scale 

We help you in the roll-out and deployment of the new capabilities leveraging our tier 1 System integrator Alliances

Program Management

We have successfully led large transformation programs for global Corporations.

Our Senior Leaders have more than 20 years of experience in leadership positions and consulting to help you driving the different parties involved into a holistic transformation program.