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We offer our customers solid Advisory, Consulting skills and proven experience to guide them in the Digital Transformation of Sales Processes: our Leaders and Partners have successfully driven some of the most complex and largest Digital Sales CPQ projects in Europe for Global Corporations.

By digitizing sales processes with CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) and DCMS (Digital Content Management for Sales) technologies, you can achieve relevant competitive advantage to outperform the competition, in term of Speed, Dependability, Quality, Flexibility and Efficiency.

To provide our customers with the best technology, WeeonD has chosen to Partner with APPAROUND, a leading SaaS provider of Technology solutions for Digital Sales, ranked in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Whether you are looking for defining your Digital Transformation Strategy or designing and implementing your new process technology solutions, we can assist you with an end to end approach.

For technical and application support for your Apparound Digital Sales or other CPQ implementations we can count on a wide network of onshore and offshore Partners.


Discover The Competitive Advantages You Can Get By Digitizing Your Sales


Be faster and more responsive than your competition answering the sales inquiry from your customer.

Being slow in Sales process, where you are expected to do your best, can be a red flag, a bad indicator of future performance when you are expected to deliver

Speed is more and more a technical parameter for supplier ranking.


Reduce non-value-added activities by eliminating costs due to reworks, reducing administrative overhead and keeping sales processes lean.

A good CPQ implementation can help you to add controls and automation to reduce errors in product configuration and quotes that will result in a more efficient quotation process but also in better order fulfilment.


Dependable delivery starts from dependable and right commitments in terms of what we will deliver and the right price to deliver.

Having the right CPQ process in place will help you reducing the risks of overcommitments, under-pricing and overpromising.


One of the definitions of Quality is to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Quality perception starts at the very first interactions with the customer.

So, it is extremely important to meet high quality standards already in the quotation process.

A good CPQ process will help you demonstrating you have processes for quality since the first inception with the client.


Flexibility is always important, but particularly for manufacturers operating with Engineering or Make to Order operating model, where they need to accommodate for frequent customer changes.

To be flexible, a good CPQ will enable for quick reaction times to adapt to new requests from customers.

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Business and Go-to-Market Strategy

We help companies crafting and revising their Business and Go-to-Market Strategy, with a particular focus for Servitization Business Model and Digital Transformation.

We will work with you to help you answering the following questions:

  • How to define my Business Strategy for the Servitization? How to set strategic objectives?

  • How to analyze the context, the customer expectations, our competitors and how they satisfy customer's expectations, the company's strengths and weaknesses and capabilities, the readiness of collaborators and suppliers to sustain the business strategy

  • What impacts on the competitive priorities and how to align my Operations Strategy?

  • How Digital Sales technologies will help me to achieve competitive advantage while implementing the strategy?  

We will provide the right marketing methodologies and we will work closely with you to provide the right answers to these questions to set up a robust strategic plan.


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