Dominating variability with Demand Driven Solutions for Retail

Exploiting the Value of Your Inventory 

Mastering Inventory is a mix of Intuition, Science and Art

Goal: get the maximum ROI from Inventory by reducing lost sales and the volumes to be de-stocked through end of season sales and outlets-discounted channels

Necessary condition: having the right stock in the right quantities in the right place at the right time during the season

What shall we do? Items that do not sell in one location maybe have good performance in other locations? How to maximize the global system performance?

We help you maximize your stock performance

Exploiting the value of your inventory

Squeezing the maximum potential out of inventory investment is a mix of science, art and intuition. But intuition alone is not sufficient: it must be supported by the right mix of capabilities, knowledge and technology to master the increasing complexity.

The key success factor to achieve a competitive edge in retail - and in general when dealing with stock performance - is switching from forecast driven approaches toward a more reactive Demand Driven Planning and Execution system.

WeeondD and Onebeat together are the right partners to help you implementing the right strategy, processes and technology 

Conceived with powerful AI and flow-driven algorithms for the Retail industry, Onebeat and the underlying "Replenish to Availability" logic with Dynamic Buffers Management can be applied wherever there is a stock performance to be improved, as for example the Spare Parts business in Automotive, Industrial Equipment or Aerospace.

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Assortment management

Having the right assortment per each SKU/Location

Stock Transfer

Measuring stock performance at each Location to make the right stock transfers and increase sales of slow movers

Ordering System

To Maintain the right level of stock at each Point of Sales based on actual Sales volumes


Improving the accuracy of forecast by using advanced statistical methods to remove bias leveraging AI

Introduction management

Defining the right introduction quantities for fresh collection items

Optimizing replenishment

Either from the central warehouses or through stock transfer from other Point of Sales

High ROI and fast payback 

With Onebeat and our distinctive capabilities in Retail, Supply Chain and Operations we set apart to deliver a valuable offer:  in few weeks we simulate from your past data the result you could have achieved from your stock and in few months you can start enjoying the results. 


We collaborate together in the DACH region, Italy and Albania


Performance achieved in average


Stock out reduction in average

5 to 10% 

Average sales growth at Point of Sales


Average stock reduction

A consolidated solution


Customers worldwide

11 Bns

Managed stock value


Stores replenished daily