Process Diamond - Maximize The Value Of Data To Improve Performance Of Your Processes

Transform your data into tangible business value with Process Mining

WeeonD is the fist European Partner of PROCESS DIAMOND, an Australia-based Company that has made of process consulting mining and analytics technology their mission to help customer improve their performance with a data driven approach.

With Process Diamond we will help you identify the key areas where process mining has the highest value for your business, process improvement and turn your business data into profit. We maximize the value of your data.

Process Diamond offers a wide range of features underpinned by cutting edge process mining technologies:

1. Scalable enterprise-grade platform

2. Automated discovery of process maps and BPMN models

3. Conformance checking

4. Analysis and monitoring

5. Customizable reporting

Why adopting Process Mining and what benefit to expect?

Process mining is a process management technique, which analyzes business processes based on the event logs. Through specific data mining algorithms applied to event logs, it will create knowledge from the data: it is possible to discover trends, modals distribution and many other statistics about a process.

Process mining techniques can be used to perform process compliance analyses or to evaluate for process improvement actions by means of simulations when parameters change. For example, to analyze how the queues of a production process move when the "drum-beat" on a bottleneck varies.

With proper usage it is possible to find room for efficiencies that traditional analysis would have not disclosed. 

Its application may be a multitude: for instance the analysis and simulation of the increased throughput to evaluate opportunity for an investment.

A data driven approach to process improvement

1. Identifying process mining use cases

Working closely with your company, we will identify the key areas where process mining can bring the most value. This involves meetings with all stakeholders, and developing a roadmap for action together.

2. Data integration and exploration

We will evaluate if the business data in your possession is adequate to run process mining analyses. If required, we will assist you with the identification and extraction of appropriate data.

3. Proposal for deliverables

Based on your needs and data availability, we will identify potential process mining use cases which could be beneficial for your company.

4. Detailed process mining case study

We will analyse your business data by applying a variety of process mining techniques. If required, in order to provide you with actionable insights, we will develop new algorithms based on your business needs

5. Knowledge transfer

Our process mining training will empower your staff so that they will be better suited to support your digital transformation initiative

Process Diamond - Some Key Features

Automated Process Discovery

Process Diamond uses intelligent algorithm to map your process from your data using BPMN (Business Process Mapping and Notation) visualization for the process representation.

With this feature Process Diamond eliminate the needs of long process mapping meeting and analysis speeding up the process mapping activities

Check Process Compliance

Performance Analysis and Simulation

How long does the process take? How is the work handed over between the participants? Where are bottlenecks?

Process Diamond will help your team to easily give an answer, thanks to its powerful process analyzer, its rich set of process charts, and the possibility of designing dashboards centred around the KPIs that are important for you. 

With its simulation features you can predict how the process performance will change as the effect of improvement actions

With Process Diamond it is possible to verify the compliance and conformance of processes to verify that they are executed as they are supposed to be and to give evidence of deviations from the original process design.

This conformance check is important to verify if deviations from standard process creates risks for lack of compliance to regulatory procedure (e.g. SOX compliance)

Samples Of Possible Use Cases

Manufacturing Planning and Control (MPC)

Process Diamond can be used to analyze performance and respect of due dates along the entire Manufacturing Planning and Control (MPC) process.

  • Performance in the conversion of MRP planned orders into production or purchase orders

  • Performance in the scheduling of the work orders

  • Performance in the order tracking activities

Lead-to-Order Process Optimization

Process Diamond can be used to analyze and improve your Lead-to-Order Process

  • Analyze average time for every stage in the pipeline

  • Time to produce a quote

  • Average number of reworks in the quote preparation and revision

  • Lead time for quotation approval

  • Lead time from conversion of quotes into contract and orders

  • Compliance in the process (available opportunity for every quote), and so on

Lead Time Analysis and Capacity Planning

Process Diamond can be used to analyze how queue, wait and move times develop into a job-shop manufacturing environment.

Such information are useful to review and align lead times used in scheduling to synchronize flows.


Information can also be used, with simulation, to predict the impact of capacity changes to improve lead times