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"Crisi d'Impresa" 

Turn Compliance Requirements Into Competitive Advantage

New Dlgs 2019/14 introduced the new Italian regulation about "Crisi d'Impresa", replacing the previous Bankruptcy regulation.

The new regulation aims to "predict" rather than to "cure" and has identified a "hierarchical" approach to detect a possible alert:

  • # 1 - DSCR: Debt Service Coverage Ratio

  • # 2 -  If DSCR is not available, alert shall be detected benchmarking Industry reference KPIs based on Balance Sheet analysis

  • #​ 3 - If reference KPIs are not representative for the enterprise, it is possible to use different KPIs giving information

We strongly believe in the opportunity to adopt the DSCR approach and to link the Enterprise Financial Planning process to Operations Planning. 

Companies that will be successful in making this step, not only will comply to the law requirement, but also will enjoy better operational performances to meet customer expectations and to efficiently schedule their operations and use their resources.

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We help you improving Finance Operations from a different perspective.

Whether your problem is to comply with the regulation around "Crisi d'Impresa" or you want to transform your Controlling Department into a business partner for your Operations implementing Lean or Throughput Accounting methodologies, we will help you looking at these problems from a different angle, combining the expertise of Finance, Supply Chain Operations and Theory of Constraints.


Lean and Throughput Accounting

An Effective and Agile Controlling Model to Support Management Decisions

How many times you find yourself looking at P&L with surprises and without clarity?

It is not rare to find leadership teams discussing period end results that are not expected compared to operations performance.

Throughput Accounting is an innovative, modern and easy approach for Planning, Simulation and for Management Accounting and Controlling that eliminates distortions and complexities of traditional models.

Based on management best practices like Lean and Theory of Constraints, it proves many advantages:

  • no need of complex cost allocations

  • treats inventories as they are: an item - or waste - to be minimized

  • focuses management decisions on value creation: maximization of Profit and Throughput

  • changes the paradigm for Profitability Analysis

It can be linked to Sales and Operations Planning (SOP) and Master Production Scheduling (MPS) for operational plan Simulation.

We support you with Consulting Services - from proof of concept to design of detailed solution - and for the adoption pre-configured solutions developed on best BI technologies.


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