Strategy, methodology, planning approach, processes and organizational impacts, enabling technologies and opportunities to better manage the Restart after COVID19 lockdown. 2 episodes toto get an in-depth picture of how to manage and not undergoing changes

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Two episodes out of three available with an articulated and in-depth agenda. The third episode will be made available shortly. 

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Restart 1 - Strategy and methodology

  • What are the main variables around which to model the restart strategy? We'll talk in depth about them, taking inspiration from the principles of Theory of Constraints: Throughput, Cash Flow and Focus
  • How to set the restart plan and what aspects to consider? We present a five-step methodology, describing objectives, activities, expected results and actors

Restart 2 - Part 1 - Focus on organisational aspects, processes and controls and enabling technologies

  • What are the organisational structures and processes to be implemented to manage and contain the risks?  And what are the impacts of the risks? We explain in detail the aspects around people, processes and controls in order to provide new ideas for proactive risk management.
  • What technological solutions to adopt and for what purposes?  We will explain technological solutions ranging from movement, space and perimeter control to collaboration to manage organizational, communication, control and smart working aspects.

Restart 2 - Part 2 - How to turn COVID-19 emergency management into an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage 

  • How will the market change? How will the way to compete and customer expectations change? Shall we restart acting as as it was before or shall we make deep adjustments to the way we compete?
  • How shall we re-orient the value chain to respond to new market requirements in a more competitive way? We will make proposals on how to refocus mission, competitive priorities and performance metrics to measure value chain functions: Sales & Marketing, Operations, Supply Chain, Aftermarket & Service.  
  • All driven by the cornerstones of the strategic guidelines: Throughput and Cash Flow.

Restart 3 - Work in progress 

  • We are collecting the preferences of the participants to choose the next theme to explore in depth

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