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According to a PMI'S Research, More Than 50% of Projects fail (2019 - PMI Pulse of the Profession)

Deliver More Projects on Time


The Theory of Constraints is recognised for its effectiveness in maximising profits by acting on business processes. 

While understanding processes is somewhat facilitated by their repetitiveness, projects raise even more complex challenges

Critical issues include scarce knowledge, high variability, uncertainty, synchronisation , difficulty in recovery, with the pressure of requirements, budgets and delivery dates. For these reasons, more than 50% of projects fail to meet their objectives (source: PMI).

Find out how to improve all these aspects with the tools of the Theory of Constraints.

Solving The Core Problem in Project Environments


According to a recent study of the PMI, more than 50% of projects fails meeting their objectives (PMI - Pulse of the Profession)

Lack of clear scope, poor planning of activities, invisible or unmanaged constraints, contention of resources are some of the most common causes of project's failure.

When under budget pressure, a common practice is to postpone some specifications, thus very often projects barely meet the original requirements.

The situation worsen when resource contention spread across a Project Portfolio, where a single project may impact the entire portfolio with a domino effect.

Is there a better way to plan and control our projects?

Managing Scope, Budget and Timeline

Delivering more projects on time with Critical Chain and TameFlow

Driven by the core tenets of TOC, Critical Chain and TameFlow are superior PM methodology for complex Project and Knowledge Intensive Environments:

  1. They identify and exploit the constraints of a project or project portfolio

  2. They provide better algorithm to schedule work across resources

  3. They protect better the project from variability

Implementations of Theory of Constraints principles have shown productivity increase up to 270% through a better management of work. 

WeeonD is TameFlow and a-dato reference Partner for Italy and DACH.

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CCPM protects the entire project instead of the single tasks allowing to compress the project duration while protecting better the project from variability and Murphy

Shorter Lead Times & More Projects Done

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Aerospace, Construction, Ship Building, IT & Software development: everywhere applied, Critical Chain and TameFlow have achieved superior performance

For Any Industry

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Small, medium and large companies with CCPM and TameFlow® have moved from low reliability on project costs and timeline to an almost 100% due date performance 

Focus on
Buffers Management

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Critical Chain can be adopted for any kind of project: IT projects, Product Design, Complex ETO products. TameFlow® is specifically designed for Knowledge Intensive Environments.

For Any Project

TOC Tools to Improve Flow of Projects

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Selecting the right projects is the first step for success: Project Gating and Throughput Economics  are key tools to be used for the ranking of project priorities

Selecting The Right Projects


Critical Chain is the operating approach of TOC to plan and execute projects.  It focuses management attention on the constraints  and  buffers

Plan & Control with Critical Chain

Brainstorming aziendale

TOC Strategy & Tactics Tree are the key tools to define the necessary conditions - the requirements of the project - to be included in the Statement of Work to achieve the desired goal

Setting Goals & Requirements 


Lynx powered by a-dato is ranked as the best software to support project and portfolio management  with TOC Critical Chain and TameFlow approaches. We are the reference Partner for Italy and DAC

Project Management Software

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The Theory of Constraints provides the right tools to improve the delivery rates of strategic projects in every phase.

Success starts from the selection of the right projects to be executed: choosing the priorities of the portfolio, selecting the projects with  the highest probabilities to succeed; focusing resource; doing a rigorous staging and full kitting.

How to achieve the goals? The TOC Strategy and Tactic tree support management linking the necessary conditions (project requirements) to the goal.

Then projects activities needs to be scheduled and executed considering the constraints, exploiting them at best. 

The Right Tools To Improve Project Delivery Dates

With the right software solution

To implement the TOC principles we have chosen to partner with a-dato, the most known and implemented software tn that support Theory of Constraints logics.


On top of supporting the traditional Critical Chain approach, a-dato is also the first industrialized software that has implemented the TameFlow Approach, the methdology that encompassess TOC and consraints management  principles with the Agile and Kanban approach.

WeeonD is the reference partner of a-dato in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Discover with us how to increase projects' productivity up to 270% without increasing resources,  and due dates reliability up to +60%

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High Performance Project Management Solutions


Plan, start and finish more  projects in less time with LYNX by A-dato, the most powerful Project Portfolio Management solution to cover the entire project and portfolio lifecycle for any kind of organisation. 

LYNX puts together the concepts of Theory of Constraints, Agile, Kanban, Scrum and TameFlow® into the most complete and unique Project Management application.

A-dato Lynx


The only software solution providing the tools to implement TameFlow methodology for project management and knowledge work.

TameFlow unifies the best of Kanban, Agile integrated with Theory of Constraints Principles of Critical Chain and Drum-Buffer-Rope to exploit the constraints in project and knowledge intensive work.

A-Dato TameFlow

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Train your Team to implement and manage TameFlow and Critical Chain 

WeeonD is cooperating with TameFlow preparing the network of trainers and practitioners to learn and implement such disruptive methodology that allows to:

  1. Improve visibility in the demand of work

  2. Run better prioritization to rank initiatives according to the value released

  3. Improve the flow of work, reducing wait times to increase throughput

  4. Manage complex environments and multi team structures

Discover more about TameFlow here.


Contact us to discover how to get your team trained and prepared to implement and run TameFlow within your organisation: we will arrange your TameFlow training and product demo of the A-dato solutions to implement it.

Solutions and Tools to Implement Critical Chain and TameFlow Project Management

We help organisations learning and implementing Critical Chain and TameFlow solutions for their project environment.

WeeonD is the reference Partner of A-dato in Italy and Switzerland to provide the most complete Project Management solutions built on the principles of Theory of Constraints to boost project's performance.

A-dato Lynx allows to deploy Critical Chain principles quickly to deliver more project on time.

A-dato TameFlow, is the first software supporting TameFlow principles, unifying Agile, Kanban and TOC under an holistic approach to improve flow in project and knowledge intensive environments.

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