Set effectively your Restart Strategy after COVID-19 Lockdown 

Restart Strategy

The economic context as well the market and competition will change due to COVID-19 impact.

New patterns of demand, with higher volatility and low predictability.

Disrupted supply chains with unpredictable performance from the network.

What are the variables to build the restart strategy upon to manage effectively the context? Throughput - Cash flow - Focus

This is our suggested recipe to manage the restart within a VUCA market and economic context.

Principle of the Theory of Constraints applied to the Restart Strategy

Restart Plan

We cannot imagine of restarting operations with the same speed and the same levels as it was before the COVID-19 lockdown.

One thing is to restart an activity within an active economy, another thing is to restart the operations in an economic context that is marching at a lower speed.

We have developed a five-step restart approach, with specific phases, activities, objectives and outcomes in order to get the desired speed with a gradual approach: Check - Taxi & Accelerate - Take-off - Take height and speed and then Cruise.

Our recipe to manage the restart plan with focus and control. Download it from our Download Center

Processes - Technology

Control and protection is the key. Companies must protect themselves inside and outside the perimeter from COVID-19 risks: Protect the People, Protect Capacity and Protect the Flow.

Not managing or managing not well the context exposes the organization and its people to several risks. On top the obvious Health Risk: Risk of additional lockdown, Reputation risks, Law suits, etc.

It is necessary to implement the required organizational (structures and processes) and to adopt the supporting technology to increase effectiveness managing the risk in a proactive way.

Discover with us the opportunities you have to minimize such risks

How to deal with threats from COVID-19 and transfrom them into opportunity

The impacts on demand, market, customers' preferences and on the ability to protect the supply chain and the capacity will set a burden of additional complexity.

But every change offers an opportunity to alter the status quo and to reshuffle the competition within the market.But the Organization must be prepared to capture the signals and to react quickly

  • Refocus the value chain functions to a new mission

  • Make changes to internal processes to increase speed and flexibility – the new paradigm of order winners and qualifiers

  • Leverage ready-to-use technology to boost speed and agility in your processes

  • Change the organization's culture from local optimization to system focused approaches

The Theory of Constraints defines how to set the strategic priorities to plan and implement such a change. 

Don’t be a follower, take the lead. COVID-19 crisis will make a natural selection.


Discover how TOC can help you define a robust restart strategy with our TOC Starter Kit


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