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Three main area of Performance diagnosis to assess Flow and areas for improvement

Theory of Constraints for A Rapid and Effective Performance Diagnosis 

A 3 Dimensions Assessment    


Focused on Key Systemic Variables

Sales Performance, Demand Variability, and unexploited market opportunities.

Supply Variability, Inventory Adequacy, Capacity Utilization, blockages in operational Flow

Operating & Financial Performance, performance measurement and decision-making processes

Demand Management

Supply & Information flow

Performance System

Demand Constraints



Cultural Constraints


To be effective, a Business Diagnosis must focus on the key variables impacting the global system's performance.

  • How well are we managing the Flow of operations?

  • Are we well protected against the variability (internal and external) hitting the system?

  • How much effectively are we using Inventory to protect the Flow? Are processes too tight or too decoupled?

  • Is our Supply Chain agile enough to manage VUCA?

  • Are we exploiting the entire "Throughput Potential" of the system?

  • How well are we using our capacity?

  • Are there unexploited market opportunities?

  • Do we have the right measurement do make the right decisions?

Applying Theory of Constraints to Business Diagnosis

The application of principles and methodology from Theory of Constraints allows for an effective, focused and rapid intervention to identify the core problems.

Often, the first Constraints limiting business performance can be found in the managerial rules and policies.


  1. Performance Management systems leading to behaviors in conflict with the Goal

  2. Tendency to try to improve everything instead of focusing on the real needs

  3. ASAP approach causing uncontrolled WIP and multitasking disrupting flow

  4. Focus on local performance rather than ot the Global Optimum

Theory of Constraints helps to set the focus on the right variables and priorities, addressing the efforts on the most valuable improvement actions.

Our business diagnosis is focused on the key variables impacting on the system, with the Client in the cockpit with us.

Systemic Thinking

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Flow is a systemic phenomenon of interdependencies and variability. To detect and solve problems we must learn how to think systemically.


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Theory of Constraints promote focus. We do not waste time on futile details, and we focus on the core variables impacting the organizational performance.

Performance System

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A new perspective to performance measurement, to remove cultural constraints blocking performance and psychological flow (local measurement)

Client leads the Cockpit

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Theory of Constraints promotes a pragmatic and extremely interactive approach to detect problems and find solutions together. We will be your Co-Pilot in the journey.

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 Manufacturing & Flow Improvement 

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Solutions to elevate the Demand Constraint



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