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A Focused Diagnostic to Discover What to Improve First to Get the Highest ROI

Are Strategy, Journey and Vehicle Aligned to The Goal?

Is the Engine Filled with the Right Lubricant?


Harmony is the lubricant we shall have in our Engine

What kind of harmony are we looking for? Harmony and coherence between Strategies and Tactics to implement them; between processes and policies to execute the tactics and technology to sustain the processes. In short: Strategy, Tactics and Tools


It's not always necessary to enter new markets or launching new products to create a Blue Ocean. We help leaders crafting different strategies to create the stream of competitive advantage

Is Your Organization Navigating The Red Ocean?

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The pandemic is reminding us the importance of the Supply Chain.

VUCA demands for more flexibility and responsiveness. New tactics shall become Demand Driven to reduce dependency on liquid forecasts.

Are Tactics Aligned To The Context And The Goal?

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We need the right vehicle for the Journey we are making. But to become  Demand and Flow Driven tools are not sufficient.

We shall prepare, train and coach the people of the organisation to a new mindset.

It's Not Only a Matter of Having The Right Toolbox

Focusing Diagnosis With Theory of Constraints

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Are you ready?
Validating the Flight Plan... And Executing the Check-Control Before the Take-off. 

Ask us for a Business and Operations Performance Assessment to detect if there are serious misalignment between Strategy, Tactics, Processes, Organisation and Metrics and to identify the opportunities to create your Blue Ocean you want to flight to

A New Mindset to Create the Stream

Often, the First Constraints limiting performance can be found within the applied management policies and in the criteria of the Performance Management System, fostering local optima rather than systemic results.

Driven by Cost Driven Mindset, the common approach is to improve cost in every part of the system, under the assumption that the entire organisation will benefit of such improvements.

Does this really happen?

Imagine you are the coach in charge of setting the strategy to win a team cycling time trial: would you ask each rider to always run at the top of its potential speed? We hope no, assuming you know the rules of the game.

The rules of organisational performance are the same. Driven by TOC principles we quickly detect improvement areas by running an effective, focused and valuable assessment to identify the constraints of the organisation and how to exploit them to create tangible value.

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Often Strategies are poorly verbalized and communicated. Or sometimes go-to-market and operations strategy are not aligned. We help you achieve consistency.

Assessing the Strategy

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The organisation is not exploiting its full potential because it's overwhelmed by urgencies? It's a matter of balancing processes under a systemic perspective

X-Rays to the System

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The strategic approach is ok but the organisation does not achieve its goal? We help you reviewing the right tactics with a effect-cause-effect approach

Evaluating the

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There is little organisational alignment to the Goal and local optima disappear? It's a matter of assessing the performance system and impacts caused by wrong metrics

Metrics & Behaviours