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A well defined strategy and tactics aligned to, is the starting point for performance

Crafting Strategy & Tactics for a Blue Ocean


Skilled For Crafting Winning Strategy & Tactics 

The Goal, The Journey, The Vehicle

We work closely with you to align your business strategy, the tactics to implement it and the processes to execute it.

Starting from the gaps detected in our assessment, we will help you defining a coherent cascading of strategic goals and tactics leveraging the Strategy & Tactics Tree developed by Theory of Constraints.

Then, we'll shape the processes in harmony with the tactics they shall execute, to manage variability, to assure the required speed, responsiveness, agility and resource exploitation, leveraging process mining and dynamic process modeling skills and tools.

Last, we help you developing the transition plan using the powerful tools of TOC to visualize the obstacles and the injections to overcome them.

Defining a Strategy requires setting a destination (The Goal), the intermediate way-points to get there and the desired  experience (The Journey), and the right mean to drive us where and how we want (The Vehicle). Everything must be coherent:

  1. To reach The Goal, we chose the tactics, and the intermediate results coherent with it. A robust effect-cause-effect shall be adopted

  2. Tactics shall comply with the desired experience: how do we want to compete? Cost? Quality? Agility? Speed? Responsiveness?

  3. Process and technology (our operations strategy) shall align to such competitive priorities

Only when those basic three components are in balance, the organisation may achieve its full potential.

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We help your Team applying the tools of TOC to redefine and verbalize  your strategy linking Goals and tactics with a clear effect-cause-effect approach

Strategy & Tactics: Redefined

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Speed and Agility are the key competitive factors: we help your Team reshaping the operating strategy to re-focus on speed of flow and agile operations

Agile Operations: 

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Discover with us  how to create your BlueOcean by simply redefining the paradigms to change the competition

New Opportunities: Detected

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Process performance are key to execute the operations strategy: with our capabilities in process mining and dynamic modeling we optimize core processes

The Vehicle:

New Strategy & Tactics Are Important When...

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We help our customers assessing and aligning their business and operations strategy in different situations and for different purposes with the Goal of Creating, Mastering and Sustaining the Stream

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The organisation wants to change the way it conducts business and operations for stretching new objectives

To Trigger
a Change

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It's not uncommon to see organisations implementing  a new ERP replicating the past. If we replicate the past how can we really improve?

When Changing

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If market declines it's not necessary that the organisation goes in the same direction. A market challenge is a great opportunity for change.

To face Declining 

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Switching from traditional build-and-sell to servitization strategies, requires a profound operations strategy re-alignment

To Innovate The Business Model