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We help Technology Start-up and Scale-up Companies Growing their Business

Are you an IT company offering SaaS technology solutions? Do you want to expand your market in EMEA but lack the commercial and pre-sales resources to make the leap? You want to keep your cost structure flexible to minimize the growth risk?

WeeonD Business Development Services has the right solution for you

Your Needs

  • You have launched your business and proven your technology to the market. The market response is good

  • You want to scale-up and increasing your market position, but you do not have the right internal resources to sustain your growth plan

  • To mitigate risks, you are looking to keep your cost structure flexible

How We Help

  • We have launched a Strategic Alliance with 4Plays, a leading partner for Business Development and Marketing

  • Unifiying 4Plays strong Marketing Skills and our Operations Excellence approach we offer a unique and distinctive set of knowledge

  • With 4Plays we extend our offering portfolio: Commercial and Sales Strategy, Business Development, Branding, Social Selling and much more

Benefits of the Network

  • Business development synergies and cross-fertilization

  • Collaboration

  • Access to a wider range of skills and expertise

  • Share ideas, projects and resources

  • Staffing projects balancing demand peaks


Your Advantage

By outsourcing your business development and pre-sales activity to WeeonD, you can achieve significant advantages:

  • you have the opportunity to transform into variable costs a significant portion of your sales costs, giving you greater flexibility in your cost structure

  • you increase the opportunity to make deals origination: our offerings integrate each other, maximizing the chance to sell the entire system and having a stronger value proposition for the clients

And if you already have an internal sales structure, this is not an obstacle: we will be your "staff augmentation" and we will work with your team in perfect coordination.


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