BlueprintAMS - AfterMarket - Servitization CPQ

The first CPQ designed for Aftermarket and Servitization

BlueprintAMS - AfterMarket Servitization - is the first and only digital app for Aftermarket and Servitization CPQ, managing typical use cases for Servitization business model: from proactive sales of spares, through configurable service agreements up to fixed-fee usage or result based service agreements.

With BlueprintAMS Aftermarket Servitization CPQ, Strategic Pricing teams can now evaluate the costs and risk to profitably price tailored performance-based multi-year service agreements.

Ranging from single location / single machine model to multiple location / multiple machine models on a global basis, BlueprintAMS Aftermarket and Servitization CPQ has developed a new software class that can lead OEMs into the forefront of the servitization era.

BlueprintAMS - Key Use Cases

Proactive Sales of Spare Parts

You can define your service BOM and trigger the service schedule based on different parameters: usage, period of time, and so on. 

BlueprintAMS Aftermarket Servitization will schedule proactively the service order proposals (inspections, maintenance, kits, etc.) that you can push to your customer: email, order proposal or customer portal.

Proactive sales of parts is the first stage of Servitization, enabling the Customer to get visibility of service events and you to achieve greater independence from dealers' forecasts and spot orders.

Non-Configurable Service Agreements - "Fixed Menu"

With Blueprint AMS you can define and price "fixed menu" agreements.

They are fixed-fee non-configurable service agreements for which you have already defined the expected costs and the fixed price for the fixed configuration.

An example may be Extended Warranty agreements that you offer with the "Bronze", "Silver" and "Gold" fixed variants: customer can choose between given variants but not mixing options.

The advantage of BlueprintAMS is in the costing engine that allows you to define risks and costs upfront, validate the business case, and sell without need of complex approval steps.

Configurable Service Agreements "A la Carte"

This is the third and most complex use case, where you allow  your customer to configure and choose its Service agreement between different available Service Level Options (e.g. between different response time SLA) and determine its pricing dynamically.

Behind that, again the Cost and Risk Engine of BlueprintAMS allows you to pre-estimate the cost impact of every options, to validate the business case and sell all possible variants without need of individual approvals for each agreement​.

BlueprintAMS - Key benefits

Aftermarket Servitization CPQ

Blueprint AMS Aftermarket and Servitization CPQ is built around a powerful cost and risk calculation engine that encodes and automates 35 years of experience from the leading visionaries in the AfterMarket and Servitization world.

It provides complete use cases and many options to model complex service scenarios: from proactive sales of spares to use and result based Product-Service-System Agreements.

Open and Scalable

Blueprint AMS Aftermarket and Servitization CPQ  is a powerful open computing engine that can be connected via API. Importantly it can be used with any existing architecture without needing to change legacy CRM or CPQ systems.

Of course BlueprintAMS is natively integrated with BlueprintCPQ which has particularly tight integration with both and Microsoft Dynamics.

Easy to Onboard

Blueprint AMS Aftermarket and Servitization CPQ is easy and quick to onboard. We apply a systemized approach, with default benchmark data, based upon our many years of experience in this field. 

You can fine tune the business case parameters and pricing drivers while using the solution.

Some of the Customers that have chosen Blueprint

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