APPAROUND Digital Sales is a powerful mobile CPQ technology and App that will help you introduce lean thinking and processes in sales:

  • achieve higher standardization in all your sales processes - from configuration, pricing and quotation

  • reduce dramatically waste of time and resources to execute processes, thanks to automation of processes

  • less waste to recover errors thanks to automaton of rules for configuration, price and quote and contracts preparation 

  • reduce non value-added administrative activities for approval, reporting, pipeline maintenance, emails and so on

The Lead-to-Order process is fully automated, from the configuration to the issuing of quotes and contracts.

Guided Selling functionalities will help your junior and less experienced sales reps prepare perfect quotes from day one.

The sales Journey is 100% Digital: from the presentation, supported by the Digital Content Management module that allow to organize any kind of media (brochure, white-papers, technical data sheet, videos, etc.) to configuration and quote.

More productive time available for your sales reps to stay on the field to sell

Boost your sales productivity with WeeonD and APPAROUND

WeeonD offers CPQ Advisory and Consulting services for APPAROUND.

APPAROUND Digital Sales is a complete and intuitive app to improve sales productivity. Its unique features allows to boost and establish a tighter integration between Product Design, Marketing and Sales processes, with a technology that combines a powerful product catalogue and configurator, sales content management, pricing and quotation all together. APPAROUND Digital Sales goes beyond ordinary CPQ - Configure-Price-Quote - applications.

With APPAROUND you can:

  • Easily maintain your product catalogue, attributes and options leveraging a powerful modular planning BOM

  • Provide your sales team with digital catalogues, presentations and videos.

  • Build quotes collaboratively with customers; automatic pricing, discounts and quotes by email to customers.

  • Generate contracts and capture Electronic Signatures to close deals in minutes.

  • Run sales campaigns, capture customer information and provide guided selling journeys for sellers.

Ranked in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CPQ, Apparound's strengths are:

  • The availability of a powerful Modular Planning BOM that allows to easily define the configurable product features

  • Being 100% mobile, with optimized functionality and user experience for mobile devices

  • a guided and easy to use configuration back end that does not require coding

  • possibility to customize the application through widgets

  • being CRM agnostic, not imposing any limitation whatever CRM platform you are running

Apparound Digital Sales is available for: iOS, Android, Windows 10 and any web browser

WeeonD and APPAROUND - Consulting And Technology For CPQ to Boost Your Digital Sales Processes

Apparound Digital Sales - Introduce Lean thinking and processes in Sales

+ Productivity

Visit more customers, create meaningful relationships and build accurate quotes without being slowed down by cumbersome and repetitive processes.

  • Simplify back-office processes

  • Less meetings with the management team

  • Streamline and automate quotation and approval processes

  • More time working on the field

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